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Caffeine + L-Theanine = Balanced Energy

We spent years perfecting the ingredients for Flux Energy Shot Powder so we could eliminate everything that has no effect on your energy. Get energy without the fillers. Made with L-Theanine (often found in green tea) helps to eliminate the jittery, wired sensations of Caffeine while improving the cognitive benefits.

• Boost energy

• Enhances mental focus

• Control your caffeine

• Sugar free

Need energy to make it through your day?


This stuff works! I have always been a bit low energy and usually drink a red bull to pick me up. This stuff works with no jitters or withdrawal. It also has a very good taste... like pixie sticks. I'm on the Keto diet and it's hard to find low carb anything especially energy drinks. Sign me up for the monthly supply! 

Vincent D.

WOW!!!! great energy shot. This is my third tub I've purchased from flux, always exactly what I ordered, and always shipped to me in a timely fashion. I've done my research on energy drinks and found that flux is the best BANG for your buck... 

Keep up the good work.

Doug L.